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Thread Feed Calc

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 03:08:01 GMT

First off I love the app so far! Zero complaints! I'm lazy though and I was looking to see if it had a thread feed rate call. I didn't find it so here's the idea...let's say you have to tap a hole using G84. You know you want to tap at about 15 ipm and you know the pitch of your tap. In this case make it 20 threads per inch. Then the calculator would solve for the unknown. And same way if you knew the pitch and the rpm it would tell you the appropriate feed. In this case to run 15 IPR at 20 TPI you would need to run the spindle at 300rpm. You could either have the user input their pitch in imperial or metric, and the other piece of info. Or you could put a tap library there and a place for the other piece of information. This may already be in the app and I've missed it.